All About China

 All About China 

Capital- Beijing

Currency- Yuan/Renminbi

President- Xi Jinping

Official languages- Mandarin

State/ Provinces- 26 Provinces

National Game- Table Tennis

National Bird- Red-crowned crane

National Fruit- Kiwifruit

National Tree- Maidenhair tree

National Flower- Blue water lily

National animal- Giant Panda

Longest river- Yangtze River

Parliament- National Assembly (2980 members)

Border Name- McMahon Line

Boundaries- Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, and Arunachal Pradesh

Military Exercise- Hand-in-Hand

India & China decide to establish “sister-state relations” between Tamil Nadu and Fujian

China successfully launched “APSTAR-6D” telecommunication satellite

China team wins FIDE Online Nations Cup

China launches its largest carrier rocket “Long March-5”

China launches Sudan’s first-ever satellite “SRSS-1”

China has successfully launched “Tianwen-1” its first independent mission to Mars

China Develops World’s First Armed Amphibious Drone Boat ‘Marine Lizard‘

China unveiled DF-41(Dongfeng-41) the most powerful intercontinental-range ballistic missile on the planet

China takes presidency of UN Security Council for March 2020

Asian Tea Alliance Launched In China

China gifts warship ‘P625’ to Sri Lanka

US removes China from “currency manipulator” list

All About China

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